"I just recently financed my new car through Citizens Finance. I went to the dealership already knowing what I could spend and what my monthly payment would be. This made the whole process faster and less stressful. The dealership was amazed! I've had two loans now with Citizens Finance. I have found them to be honest and easy to work with. I would recommend Citizens Finance to my family and friends, or anyone looking for a loan."

Allan - Cedar Rapids, IA

"I never imagined that this process of getting a loan would ever be as enjoyable as it was. Eric went above & beyond with helping me, not only to decide between vehicles but added a personal touch of making me feel like I wasn't just a number. You're lucky to have him working for you!"

Lisa - Dubuque, IA

"As the owner of two emerging businesses, I truly understand and value the importance of great customer service. There are so many unfortunate circumstances today that are taxing people beyond their tolerance threshold, making the task of a working to remain calm and professional at all times difficult. Such workers must be celebrated and recognized at every opportunity. Their behavior helps to facilitate a company's continued growth, something that cannot be taken for granted. Because Miss Caldera's performance, I would not have a problem telling my colleagues about the company that financed my vehicle."

Madeline - Aurora, IL